Flap Pedal Drives - are the ultimate propulsion system for any kayak.

MORE POWER - flap drives deliver more power than traditional propeller systems. Which means you get to your secret fishing spot quicker and out through tough surf conditions faster.
BETTER IN GRASS & PADS - flap drives don't get fouled in grass and pads like propeller systems do.
DURABILITY - flap drives sit snuggly against the hull therefore allowing you cruise of stumps and in close to docks. We also provide a spare flap set should you damage the originals.
BEST IN SHALLOWS - flap drives don't need to be lifted out like prop dives do when going close to shore, by having the flaps in the up position. However we recommend that the drive system should however be taken out when beaching.
WEIGH LESS - flap drives weighed significantly less (11lbs) than prop drives, meaning they're easier to handle and allows you to carry more gear.
EASIER TO STORE - as flap drives are slim flat profile they can easier be stored under your car seats for security or on a shelf in the garage.
QUIETER - flaps are a lot quieter and churn the water up far less allowing you to get closer to the action.